A story of murder, betrayal, and a man who fought the law for two decades

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Episode 1: Calvin's Last Shot

Calvin (Cal) Buari has been in prison for 22 years for a double murder he insists he didn’t commit. Someone else even confessed to the crime. For journalist Steve Fishman, the case has become an obsession. Cal admits he helped bring crack to the Bronx in the early 1990s. Back then, he flaunted his success with matching mink coats and hats, while presiding over one of the most violent corners in a city overrun with drug crime. But police and prosecutors want to get him off the streets, and they seize the opportunity when Cal’s friend and protégé accuses him of a double homicide. When we meet him, Cal has been struggling for years to keep his case alive with only the help of a prison pay phone and sheer force of will. Things look brighter for Cal when a legendary 85-year-old attorney, a crusading champion of lost causes, agrees to leave his hospital bed and argue Cal’s final shot in state court. Then the worst happens.


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Episode 2: Turtleman Will Get His Man

Allen Karen was one of the best homicide prosecutors in the Bronx, a bad-ass lawman who will do what it takes to get the bad guys off the streets. He’s devoted his life to fighting crime, and to rescuing the 20 or so turtles and tortoises that roam freely around his house. Cops and criminals alike call call him Turtle Man. Back in the early 90s, Turtle Man vowed to put Calvin away. He bluffed, hustled, flipped dealers and dispensed deals. We hear how he took a cold case and, with the help of Cal’s former crack-dealing underling, got a difficult job done.

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Episode 3: Dwight, Poet of Evil

Calvin Buari’s former protégé in the Bronx crack trade, Dwight Robinson, loved and admired Cal. But then, feeling shunned and nursing his own ambitions, Dwight charts his own course. With his brother, the one he calls War God, as his partner, Dwight goes after Cal, first with guns, then with lies, and finally as an instrument of the criminal justice system. At stake is control of the Corner on Blood.

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Episode 4: Father Frank To The Rescue

Cal has been in prison a few years when Dwight, lording over the Corner on Blood, “catches a body” and is sentenced to 25 years to life for murder. Not long after, Cal and the man who put him away meet in prison, something that’s never supposed to happen. Both Cal’s and Dwight’s worlds are turned upside down, and prosecutors in the Bronx are alarmed, for good reason: Dwight and Cal become a team again, just like the old days. Together they plot Cal’s freedom. Except Turtle Man won’t stand for it. He recruits Detective Frank Viggiano, also known as “Father Frank” for the way he inspires the accused to confess to him. Viggiano is one of the best detectives in the Bronx, and he gets busy making sure Cal stays in prison. “I never for a second believed he was innocent,” Frank says.


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Episode 5: Joe Barry, Private Eye

Joe Barry is Cal’s private investigator, hired in desperation when Cal’s case seems all but dead. Joe’s a hard drinking, Bible-toting P.I. who’s not afraid to lie in the service of the truth. He connects with new witnesses. They saw the murders that took place on the Corner on Blood in 1992 — the murders for which Cal was convicted. And they give Cal reason to hope. Joe Barry and Steve Fishman go on a 12-hour train ride to see if the witnesses’ stories hold up.

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Episode 6: Evilina On The Stand

Cal’s new hearing finally arrives. It’s his last shot in state court. The new witnesses are there. Turtle Man volunteers to come out of retirement, but a new Assistant DA is on the case. The judge issues a short ruling. Cal’s fate hangs on it…

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Episode 7: This Too Shall Pass

In the aftermath of the court’s decision, Cal must adjust to his new reality.

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